ROCHESTER, N.Y. WROC — Before Wednesday, most people had never heard of Darius Dillard and Nate Williams. The two were just walking through a city neighborhood and now, they’re famous.

It was around lunchtime when they passed by a burning house on Emerson Street in Rochester. They ran into the home to rescue a family trapped inside. They got four kids and one adult out safely. Thousands of people across the country are following their heroics on social media.

“I’m really humbled, said Darius Dillard. “Only one room was really damaged. So hopefully that family will be back in their home, and comfortable, and long past the situation. Once again, they’re safe.”

“I’m feeling great. As long as the family is safe, that’s all that matters, said Nate Williams. “But hopefully they can move back into their lovely house and get situated. I didn’t want nobody to get hurt. I just wanted them to be safe because I wouldn’t want my family in that predicament neither.”

“I didn’t know them from a can of paint. That’s the crazy thing about it. They just thanked me after. Me and my cousin,” said Darius. “I’m still like processing everything because like one person told me: ‘did you wash your cape today?’ I was like what? It was crazy.”

“Just like my cousin said, oh you’re my hero, thank you so much, we need this type of energy in Rochester. I appreciate all the love,” said Nate.

News 8 also spoke with their father on Thursday.

“I’m proud of them. That means that it’s something me and his mother teaching them to be good men. From boys to men, they’re growing up to be good men. They care more about other people than just themselves. So I’m hoping they keep them going on,” said Nathaniel Williams, Sr. “Rochester still got life. There still some people here that love the City of Rochester. Even with all the turmoil that goes on. There’s still some people that are going to fight for Rochester.”

“After hearing their story and what they were willing to do without thinking about it, it leads me to probably believe that they could be pretty good at a job in emergency services,” said RFD Batallion Chief David Compton. “Job well done. Please don’t do it again. And sign up for our test. I’d love to see the two of them sign up and take our exam and do well.”