Many former Xerox employees are getting some tough news. The company is cutting their healthcare. The news is being sent out to non-union retirees. Letters sent in the mail on October 3 broke down the reduction in benefits for former employees. 

Effective January 1, 2019 the retirees benefiting from the Old Plan, New Plan, and Flex Plan will see changes. 

“We are reaping what has happened to xerox over the past ten years,” said Dave Coriale, chair of the Association of Retired Xerox Employees.  

“There’s nothing left in the flex plan. There’s nothing left in the new plan and the old plan, for all intents and purposes, is going to go away,” said Coriale. 

News 8 received copies of the notice that say: ‘You will no longer have company-sponsored medical, prescription drug, or dental coverage.’ 

Part of the letter does give an avenue to look for other means of healthcare. Coriale says he does not expect the company to last much longer. “Most retirees want to forget they ever had a connection with Xerox.” 

News 8 did reach out to Xerox, but they had no comment.