Windstorm clean-up: As winds quiet down, chainsaws begin to roar

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The winds have mostly died down and now it’s time for many to start to assess damage throughout the region.

The worst of the windstorm is over and left lots of downed trees across the region. We saw plenty of trees on houses and in yards Monday. For some families, now the process of rebuilding and reconstruction begins, and for tree companies, it’s time to get down to business.

“We have had quite a few calls with people with trees on their homes and limbs in their yards,” said Michelle Neitzel, Oakes Tree Service.

One of those people is Kevin Gardner of Brockport. A tree is resting on his home and snapped power lines on its way down. He tells us, “Sounded like a big crash. That’s all you can say is a big crash.”

The area is mostly safe thanks to the village and the fire department. Gardner’s just waiting on the insurance company now. Neitzel says while the damage is bad in Brockport, it’s not as bad as storms in years past. Mostly because of early warnings from the county and accurate local weather reports.

“We didn’t know the last time how horrible it was going to be,” said Neitzel. “By the time you found out, it was just a dangerous situation, so I think that getting the word out days ahead of time, gave people time to plan.”

Jeff Ackels in Hamlin was prepped and ready for the damaging gusty winds. “Well, I just got all my flashlights and lights out and candles just so I could see.”

Ackels adds, “Went and got the generator and some gas… That’s about it. And got a little food.”

But as Gardner knows, even with all that interior preparedness, an unexpected breezy burst can still knock a tree into your house. Neitzel says in the future, if that happens, take photos right away. “Most insurance companies will ask you to take pictures before we come and take the tree off your house.”

Neitzel says most tree services can also take photos of damages for you. There are a few gusts out there still so keep your head on a swivel and be aware of your surroundings, especially around some of these trees.

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