Williamson residents demanding action following string of break-ins

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People in Williamson are already worried about a wave of break-ins and now, they’re demanding action after a violent crime.

On Saturday night, a 73-year-old homeowner was attacked in their own home. Wayne County Sheriff’s deputies say 20-year-old Kyle Quigley broke into a person’s home and assaulted them.

The victim was treated for their injuries and Quigley was sent to jail. But for homeowners and merchants in the area, the assault was the last straw.

Williamson residents are worried their business district is becoming too unsafe to enjoy. Every seat was filled at a public meeting at their town court on Monday.

“The crimes, they’re bad for Williamson. Outside of other communities, they’re not that bad but we chose to live in Williamson because it’s a safe community,” said Rachael Jagger, a concerned resident.

But Jagger doesn’t feel that way anymore. 

One of the break-ins happened at Williamson Hardware whose owner claims more than a $1,000 was taken.

“We were broken into and we lost, I don’t have the number exact but around $2,500 and $3,000 worth that we can tell for sure from our inventory,” said Jim Hartsen, owner of Williamson Hardware.

Michael Orr owns Kings Auto Service on the opposite corner of the intersection. He says his business was one of many places targeted two weeks ago.

“There was one night when a number of businesses were broken into, ours being one, some were damaged much more than ours,” said Orr.

His business lost $500.

“We really need to analyze the data and take a look at it to see what the real issues are here.” said Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts, “What we’ll find out in the end is that it’s a few people doing this and we’ll try to engage those folks.”

Sheriff Virts says crime in Williamson is always up and down but since he can’t be everywhere at once, many neighbors are considering starting a Williamson community watch group.

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