Students are always on the go, especially Juniors, Erich Hartmann and Katelyn Jones.
And earlier this year, the Palmyra-Macedon School District but WiFi on their 48 school buses…taking school on the road.

“If I need to edit it for English class I can also edit it on the bus because we all have Chrome Book and you need internet to use those,” said Erich Hartmann.

Katelyn Jones is a Student Athlete. She’s always traveling; and before WiFi was added to the school buses,
it was difficult to find time to do homework.

“I don’t have a lot of opportunity if my games go late.. so on the buses I have time to do my homework and not stress about it later,” Jones said. 

WiFi on school buses also helps out students who don’t have WiFi at home; or enough data to complete assignments.

“Kids at home – if they don’t have time to do their homework or they have to do an online assignment, then they don’t have to do it at home, they don’t have to worry about it because  if they have a long commute, they have plenty of time to do their homework,” she added.

School bus drivers not only have to keep kids in line, but they have to keep their eyes on the road — since the WiFi’s been added, there’s been a decrease in misbehaviors, making the ride easier for everyone.

“So with access to the internet they can use those devices which they love to use and can be engaged in school activities that are safe and educational,” explained Chip Dolce, the Director of Instructional Technology for the Palmyra-Macedon CSD.

Even on the bus, the school district monitors and limits student internet access.

“Make sure that it’s safe and it’s protected and it’s filtered so it continues on. It carries out whether you’re using our WiFi on the bus or the school’s access. We try the best we can to keep all of our kids safe,” he said. 

The current school year was the test-run for school bus WiFi. After its success being an extension of the classroom and  the school environment – the Palmyra-Macedon CSD plans to keep it going.