SiGNa Chemistry Vice President of Technology and Manufacturing Michael Alt discussed the company’s new manufacturing plant at Rochester’s Eastman Business Park in our Why ROC conversation Wednesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

Alt said SiGNa Chemistry is a premier specialty chemical manufacturer and oil production company.  SiGNa develops and manufactures chemical products based on its proprietary stabilized alkali metal platform.  “We take a material that is pretty hazardous, but has great properties for converting one molecule to another, sodium,” he said.  “We found a way by our founders to make that safe to handle, economical and efficient.  So we’ve developed a process that can utilize this, that gives you all the benefits of sodium, but in a material that’s safer and easier to handle.”

SiGNa serves customers in 50 countries, and its products are used in a wide array of applications, including oil and gas recovery, plastics, papers, petrochemical refining, pharmaceuticals and construction rubbers.  At its new 25,000 square foot facility in the Eastman Business Park, SiGNa expects to create 37 permanent jobs and 75 ancillary positions over a three year period.  “Our first product is going into the oil and gas, and it’s a really interesting product,” said Alt.  “It takes sodium and puts it in with a petroleum based product.  It goes down into the oil wells and can extract additional oil out of the existing wells, and the benefit is that – most people don’t realize – more than two-thirds of the oil is still in the wells today, so if we can find a way to get five or 10 percent of that out, we don’t have to drill new wells, we don’t have to impact the environment in environmentally sensitive areas.”

Alt said SiGNa was attracted to Rochester for two primary reasons.  As a chemical manufacturers, the infrastructure at Eastman Business Park was ideally suited for the company, from its buildings, to analytical services and transportation options.  He added, Rochester’s human resources – from chemical operators to skilled workers, engineers and PhD scientists – are a great fit for SiGNa.

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