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The first ever Light and Sound Interactive Conference and Expo will be held September 12-14 in Rochester.

Paul Ballentine, Executive Director of the Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences at the University of Rochester and the Co-Producer of the LSI Conference and Expo, discussed the event during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation Wednesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

“So at the outset it’s an economic development engine,” said Ballantine. “It’s meant to be an annual conference that features light and sound based technologies, and their application into some of the fastest growing industries in the world, like virtual reality, and digital cinema, and games and things like that. And it’s a convergence of technology and art because we’re really talking about the content of these technologies, movies and games and things like that. And it’s partly a conference. It’s partly a trade show. We’ll have many companies exhibiting. We’ll have a job fair. We’ll have activities in all of the museums around town. So it’s a very rich program. And it’s timed right before the Fringe Festival because that’s the fun part of it. So we’re focused on the technology. And these are the things that Rochester is world famous for. Imaging and music. And so we’re leveraging the fact that we are uniquely positioned to get into these technologies big time, and they’re going to be huge industries.”

For Ballantine, the idea behind the Conference and Expo is to inform, entertain and inspire. It’s free to register and open to everyone. “A technologist, students, faculty, business owners, investors, entrepreneurs, educators, high school, just people who are interested in these technologies, and the opportunities that they present for Rochester,” Ballantine said of those who may find an area of interest.

He hopes the LSI Conference and Expo will serve as a call to action for talented minds in Rochester. “Rochester is way under utilizing these incredible resources that we have,” said Ballantine. “These two educational institutions that we have that have strong programs in imaging, and optics, and music, and we have an industry base supply chain of optics companies, and an educated workforce. So Why Roc? Because, well why Rochester? Because we have that technology here, but also because we are positioned to get into these big industries which would drive our economy forward. I believe that this is going to be the single most important economic development engine in Rochester in years to come.”

There’s more information about the Light and Sound Interactive Conference and Expo online, click here.

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