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ITX Executive Vice President of Strategy Sean Flaherty discussed his company’s evolution as a technology firm in our Why ROC conversation Wednesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

“My partner founded the firm as a telecommunications company in 1997 and we were doing telecommunications consulting, very similar IT level stuff, and over the years we evolved into more of a technology firm doing everything from pulling cables to setting up computers for companies, to building websites in the early days, and ultimately we evolved into more of a website company, and now we’re more of a software product development company, so we’re doing more intense software development for larger companies like Paychex and Ernst & Young, and other large firms locally,” said Flaherty.

Today, ITX continues to grow.  “I don’t know what the number is, but we’ve hired quite a few this year alone and we’re growing at a pretty rapid pace year over year, so it’s been good for the community, it’s been good for ITX, it’s been good for our clients – a lot of great stuff going on right here in our local community,” he said.

Flaherty also discussed some of the recent trends his company is seeing in the digital space.  “Well some of the trends are that companies are starting to realize how important this digital experience is to their strategic advantage or their strategic positioning compared to their competition, so they’re starting to realize they can’t just do a project and invest in a website once every three or four years, they’ve got to actually continuously invest and evolve their systems over longer periods of time and know that this isn’t something they can stop investing in really, and they’ve got to continuously – we use the term continuous innovation – to describe how they should be, sort of investing in the digital experience that their web and mobile technologies, or any digital technology that they have, interacts with their customers,” he said.

Over the last 20 years, ITX has established a global footprint, but remains rooted in Rochester.  “We have customers nationally and internationally, and we have offices in Argentina and in Portland, Oregon, and in other places that are popping up rather quickly, but we’re headquartered here in Rochester,” Flaherty said.  “We’ve always been here in Rochester.  We’ll always be here in Rochester.  I think it’s been a fantastic place to have our headquarters from a resource perspective, from a knowledge perspective – I mean, we’re pulling some great talent out of Rochester Institute of Technology – put a little plug in for them – the Simon School of Business, we have one of their students right now in the Executive EDP program.  It’s been a great community to pull talent from and to grow our business and we look forward to continuing to do that for years into the future.”

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