The giant steel sculpture at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park has baffled generations of Rochesterians.
“Looks like someone used to use it to…I don’t know,” said Hunter Roney.
“What is it? Some sort of observatory or something or like that? I’m not sure,” said Erwin Newsome.
“It looks like an unfinished set of bleachers,” said Lisa Dake.
“First I have to figure out what it is. Once I figure out what it is, then I’ll have a determination of what it is,” joked Salvatore Croce.
The space frame is one of the largest art installations in Monroe County. It even has a name: Tribute to Man. It was designed by Kerro Bruegging and was a signature piece of the modern park when it opened in the early 1970s.
“I think it’s beautiful. I think it should stay there,” said Daniel Garcia.
Within the next few years, the city will renovate the bowl portion of the park. The space frame will be reevaluated.
“Is it still relevant? Is it still something that should be there?” said Norm Jones, the Commissioner of Environmental Services. He said the space frame is structurally sound.
Jones admits he used to climb on the structure as a kid. You used to be able to look at the fountains, long since shut off, from the deck. The stairs are now closed to the public.
The city would not do anything to the space frame without extensive public input.