Voters in Brockport said ‘no’ to a proposed school budget of more than $78 million in a vote on Tuesday night.

It was the only school budget in the area to be rejected. A big reason for that is because of the district’s support staff union.

A voter-rejected budget means the Brockport Central School District only has three options moving forward.

But the voted-down budget is shining an even brighter spotlight on the lack of contract with the district’s non-teacher employees. The two sides have been in negotiations since last summer.

The union for support staff at the district say they helped cause a ‘no’ vote. They want better pay and health care options.

They believe a telling message came from Tuesday night’s vote. While the budget was declined, a proposition to purchase new school busses was approved

“I think that sends a clear message people are willing to spend the money, but they’re behind us on this,” said Allen Hansel, Brockport Central support staff union.

The district has three options when it comes to their budget:

They could put a budget back up for a vote, either the same one or an altered one, or the district could use a contingency budget.

The support staff union represents over 330 workers in the Brockport School District. The two parties are expected to enter mediation by the end of the month.