The debate over net neutrality is come to the fore. This week the FCC announced a new plan to remove regulations on internet service providers.

It’s something that many internet users fear will be harmful for consumers and businesses, as right now all the data on the internet is treated in a similar fashion.

Repealing net neutrality protections will open up the possibility for ISPs to throttle internet speeds or provide paywalls for certain websites and content. 

Matt Topper, who works for Captstone, a local IT company, said many who use the internet may not be able to avoid potential changes. 

“Entire businesses, small businesses and large, rely on having unfettered access to the internet. Then if that’s taken away, that can not only mean you can’t look at Facebook anymore, that means your business can’t operate anymore,” said Topper.

Many service providers have stated they will not throttle internet speeds or increase costs, though the fear is internet options may go the way of cable TV, broken up into packages.

Some service providers like Frontier and Spectrum have indicated previously they would not throttle speeds or increase costs, if the FCC rolls back the regulations.