Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and to give back to the community – and nobody knows that better than the West family.

You may remember Jordan West, the little girl who hosted a princess party for over 20 foster care girls.

Jordan has two brothers – Jeremiah, 11, and Joshua, 9, who are just eager to give. They recently collected two truckloads of bottled water, to give to school kids in Flint, Michigan who were at risk for lead poisoning.

Team West – or as their mother Olivia says, “Agents of Change” – are at it again, organizing over 100 thanksgiving baskets to give to the less fortunate. 

“I think it’s important for others to feel the same way that you feel on Thanksgiving,” said Jeremiah. “You feel like this is a time when you can get together and eat. Some families in need, they don’t have that same joy and passion about the holidays. That’s because they don’t have the means to get through the holidays.”

We took a visit to the West family’s home, and above the front door was this quote, purposely placed Olivia: “Bless this home – and all who enter.”

“We realize we are blessed,” said Olivia. “So many times, when you receive blessings, you think it’s for you. God has put us in a position to be blessed, so that we can bless other people.”

Olivia’s husband Norman West says it’s important to encourage his family to always give, rather than receive.

“When I was younger, we had hard times, you know, growing up where we had Thanksgiving baskets delivered to us,” said Norman. “So to be able to do something like this with our outreach is paying it forward.  “

Norman says he hopes his children will continue to give for years – and pass it down to their kids.

“If I’m a kid and I feel special, I should give that same opportunity to other people so they can feel special,” said Joshua.

We asked this family if they are ever tired. Olivia answered with a smile – they have help.

“Yes, sometimes I do get tired,” she said. “It seems like our impact is growing. We feel like God’s grace is sufficient for us, so he sends people our way to help us.”

The West family say they are modern day change agents, doing little deeds to make a big impact. For this family, they hope to inspire all of us to make giving a part of everyday life.