Wegmans launches grocery delivery service in Rochester

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Beginning Tuesday, you can have all your favorite products from Wegmans delivered to your home.

The supermarket chain has officially teamed up with Instacart, and grocery delivery is now available at all Monroe County stores.

“We hear from customers all the time that one of the things they’d love to be able to do is order their groceries online, have them delivered to their home, and at a time that fits into their schedule,” said Wegmans’ spokeswoman Jo Natale.

Instacart’s operations manager Kyle Carnes told News 8 how it’s done.

“You go online to our website Instacart.com or download our app,” said Carnes said. “You choose your favorite local store, the items you want and tap order. We will get it to you in as little as two hours.”

There is a $5.99 delivery fee on Instacart or you can have free deliveries with a membership for $15.00 per month or $150.00 per year for orders over $35.

When it comes time for checkout, Instacart even waits in that dreaded line for you. Wegmans wants to emphasize though that any up-charge is only for the in store shopping and delivery. They don’t profit from this service. That difference goes directly to Instacart.  

“Prices customers will see on Instacart include a slight increase over our in store prices,” said Natale. “It covers the cost of shopping the order.”

The companies say anyone can benefit from the service. 

“Our customers are really diverse,” said Carnes. “You have the young professional who doesn’t have much time to shop. You have the young family with young children they don’t want to drag to the store. You also have elderly or maybe immobile people who can’t easily get outside. We can offer a service to any of those different groups.”

“We’ve gotten great feedback, it’s been very successful,” said Natale. “I think we’re surprised and Instacart has been surprised by the number of orders.”

For the next two weeks, you can sign up to get a year of delivery for free.

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