WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Beverley Mancine and Diane LaChiusa are sisters, Beverley has one property in Webster, and Diane has two properties. They found Chad Brockman’s snow plowing service, Brock’s Contracting, online and hired him last year. 

“And he seemed really nice and I signed the contract,” said Beverley.

Beverley said she paid $300 cash to Brockman and Diane paid $600 for her two homes (she owns one in Webster and one in Wayne County). For her, that price seemed like a bargain. 

“My husband passed away, so I have to watch my money,” she said.

But they said Brockman was a no-show. The ladies reached out dozens of times to him for service. 

“I’ve never hired a snow plow guy, I always did it myself. But I don’t have anybody to keep an eye on me, so I need you to come, and he goes ‘oh, don’t worry,'” said Diane.

One time, Beverley said Brockman did answer the phone and for some reason, unknown, wanted to pay customers back half of their deposits. 

“Half? No. I want it all. Why should you keep half my money, you didn’t do anything,” she said.  

Beverley showing News 8 her contract with Brockman. It stipulated services at 3″ of snow or more.

New York State Police said Brockman was charged in Wayne County with 17 counts of scheme to defraud in the first degree, 17 counts to defraud in the second degree, and 6 counts of petit larceny. He is due in court in the Town of Ontario on April 25th.

Police said Brockman promised services, and never showed, just like Beverley and Diane are claiming in Webster.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday Brockman, “turned himself into deputies where he was processed on the charges, and released on an appearance ticket.” 

The sisters are hoping State Police announce similar charges in Monroe County, and for something else. “We want to get his name out there so people don’t fall for the same thing next year,” said Beverley.

And Diane gave one piece of advice to Brockman. “You’re better off changing your name and leaving state… if you can leave,” she said.

The sisters are taking Brockman to small claims court in Webster. He is due in court there on April 24th, the day before his appearance in Wayne County.