Thousands of people started their Thanksgiving Day burning off extra calories at the Annual Webster Turkey Trot. But not all are testing their endurance: Some come out to cheer the runners on.

Thirteen-year-old Aaron Albert has been going to the Webster Turkey Trot for the past three years, but instead of hitting the pavement, he’s hitting the drums.

“We’re just out here supporting the runners and everything they do… nobody really gives them as much support as we’re trying to,” said Albert.

Albert has been drumming since he was two-years-old. Now, he’s a part of the Webster High School marching band.

Three years ago, Aaron decided to use his skills on Thanksgiving Day to cheer on the community. “It started out just me on my front porch and then I asked a friend to join in. This year, a handful of my friends are joining me,” said Albert.

He hopes to have his entire drum line participating by his senior year. Many runners now look forward to the sound of snares as a promising sign that they are about to hit the one mile marker.

“It makes me feel pretty good that people are recognizing us and what we’re doing but we’re really doing it for them,” said Albert.

Albert said these folks will be marching — or should I say running — to the beat of the drum for many years to come.