Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy fired this week and charged for sexual abuse and official misconduct

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A former Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy was arrested on Thursday, according to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. 

The former Deputy, Devin Hall, of Sodus, was charged with Official Misconduct, Sexual Abuse in the second degree, and Sexual Abuse in the third degree. 

According to the Sheriff’s Office, officers were investigating claims that Hall had engaged in unethical and criminal conduct while he was employed as a Deputy. The investigation resulted in Hall’s termination from employment with Wayne County on Tuesday afternoon. 

Devin Hall was only with the sheriff’s department for a few years, but Chief Deputy, Stephen Sklenar says he hasn’t had any prior issues with him, until now.

“We got a report from a third party about an incident and we immediately suspended the officer,” said Sklenar.

That incident, Sklenar says, resulted in a ten day internal investigation into Hall’s behavior, and ended not only with him being fired, but being charged with several misdemeanors.

We tried to talk to Hall, who is not in custody, but he didn’t answer. The charges he’s facing include: sexual abuse in the second and third degree, and official misconduct.

“Sexual abuse second is having contact with someone who isn’t able to give their consent,” Chief Deputy Sklenar says.

There are several reasons why someone may not be able to consent, including being intoxicated, or mentally incompetent.

As for the official misconduct charge he says, “official misconduct comes from using your office to persuade someone to do something that they normally wouldn’t do.”

Sklenar says these charges together would indicate that Hall used his badge to either taken advantage of an intoxicated or mentally incompetent person.

As for what the investigation turned up, he couldn’t say specifically, but added that it was, “enough to terminate the person and charge them criminally and enough to arrest him. He will be in court at a later date.”

Sklenar says the department has a zero-tolerance policy for officers using their title for anything other than protecting and serving.

“If you use your office for any way other than how it was intended you’ll suffer the consequences. The Sheriff was totally ashamed that the officers he places so much trust in would act in this way,” said Sklenar. 

Hall was arraigned in the Town of Lyons Court and is scheduled to appear at a later date to answer to his charges. 

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