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Wayne County District Attorney investigating dog shooting

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New details in case of dog shot by code enforcement officer_20160824224704

The Wayne County District Attorney is now looking into the case of a family dog shot and killed by a code enforcement officer in Macedon.

Police say the dog was killed August 9th. The family says the code enforcement officer shot the dog while inspecting a trailer at the Arrowhead Mobile Home Park.

The district attorney, Rick Healy, says he hasn’t decided on what he’s going to do, but he feels this is important for him to look into, and paperwork he has from the incident is shedding light on what happened.

Healy says paperwork shows Macedon code enforcement officer Ronald Hall was at the owner’s home to inspect their camper.

“He yells out, ‘Anybody home?’ because he wants to inspect the camper, at which a Pitbull mix starts to bark, comes out of the camper, comes towards him aggressively,” Healy said. “He felt the dog was going to attack him, so he shot the dog.”

Healy says the case ended up on his desk after he learned about the dog’s death from an anonymous source.

Healey says he has no evidence right now to contradict Hall’s claim of self-defense. But he says he’s hearing two different stories from the owner and the police department, and is now trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

I’ll look at it independently,” he said. “I can request an independent investigation – I can put the case before a grand jury if I want to. I’ve done that before. Let the group of citizens decide this issue. I think under the circumstances I should look into it, and it’s, you know, I think that’s part of my responsibility.”

Healey says he spoke to an underage witness not listed on the report Wednesday about what she saw. But he says no one is listed as a witness on the report at all.

“No statement, no one listed as a witness,” he said. “Just the owner of the dog and the person who shot the dog.”

Tiffany Matteson is the dog Sniper’s owner and says the witness is a 15 year old girl who was in her trailer at the time and saw what happened.

“She saw the dog walked out, trotted down the ramp on the back of the camper,” said Matteson. “The man was standing at the door of the camper and he fired twice on my dog. It’s been a big snowball effect of things that have happened, so I’m just trying to go with the flow and make sure my family’s ok and make sure Sniper gets his justice.”

According to Healy, it’s not typical of code enforcement officers in New York to carry guns, but he said the officer is both a code enforcement officer and a Macedon Police Officer part-time.

We did contact the code enforcement office and they did tell us the code officer shot the dog, but they would not release any other details.

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