Waterloo man who pleaded guilty for driving drunk and killing two gets second chance at trial

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A family thought a 2015 court case was behind them, however, a Seneca County judge in a surprise move back in 2016 granted Earl Wilson’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea after he’d already spent several years in prison.

Earl Wilson pleaded guilty to driving drunk and killing Steve Lester and Patricia Perryman. After saying he was coerced into taking the deal by his then-lawyer John Nabinger, he’s now getting a new trial.

Ryan Boak thought when the man accused of driving drunk and killing his uncle pleaded guilty and was sent to prison for 15 to life, that their family was moving towards closure.

“We thought it was all said and done in 2015 when he pleaded guilty and now that’s been withdrawn and we are back to square one,” said Boak.

The accused, Earl Wilson, has at least four prior DWI convictions according to his attorney Rome Canzano, but Canzano says his client wasn’t treated fairly by the courts, so they appealed successfully to withdraw his plea.

“He felt that he was pressured into pleading guilty, by everybody, prosecutors, his prior attorney,” aid Canazano. 

His attorney says had Wilson  known Lester, who was driving a motorcycle at the time of the crash, also had alcohol in his system, he would not have taken the deal. 

“He’s trying to get out of this with as little as he can,” said Boak. 

The new trial is set to begin September 24th at 9am.

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