LYONS, N.Y. (WROC) — After going more than 50 days without power this summer, the Canalside Mobile Home Park in Lyons is now facing a new problem — water.

An official from the Wayne County Water Authority said the mobile home park’s water is due to be shut off on October 29, unless the owner of the park, Phil Provenzano, pays the water bill.

Marty Aman from the WCWA says this is not the first time they have dealt with the park owner being late on bill payments.

“It is the mobile home park owner that is responsible for paying the water bills,” Aman said. “This is a standard policy for all of the mobile home parks that we serve as we bill based upon a master metered connection, or connections, to each park.”

This is another blow to Canalside residents, who already had to endure the hottest time of year without access to air conditioners or fans.

“It’s crazy…. how much more tenants in one park have to deal with?” says Canalside resident Melissa Lehr.

Lehr lived through the summer without power at Canalside in Lyons. Now it could be an autumn sans water.

“I hate to say it but kind of saw it coming. I guess maybe we thought we had a little bit longer before it would happen,” she says. “The owner’s been apparently blocking most of the tenants numbers so we can’t even call him.”

“It’s going to dry my mouth,” says Memphis, Lehr’s boy. Memphis and his brother Gunner are preparing for no water. They say they don’t want to take from someone else. “It’s called stealing. I don’t want to feel like that,” says Gunner.

There are also downed wires from the summer’s electric job, and massive craters left from the digging equipment. “He told some of us he wasn’t going to do anymore work at the park,” says Lehr.

But the park’s problems don’t end there.

“It stinks! All over,” says one anonymous resident. She says raw sewage is in the middle of the park from ruptured connections, possibly disconnected during the summer’s electric work. “It’s human waste. You cannot say it’s dog waste you KNOW it’s human. I don’t even let my animals out no way,” she adds.

Like the summer, Lehr and the park are facing uncertainly as the weather turns colder. “I don’t know. The tenants have no idea; we’re kind of just as lost as we were when the power went off,” says Lehr.

Provenzano has not immediately returned a request for comment.

Check back with News 8 WROC as we will have reactions from Canalside residents later tonight.

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