Protesters outside of Schumer’s office in Rochester demand a People’s Bailout

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Community members, Citizen Action of NY and community activists are gathering outside of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office on Friday to demand a People’s Bailout.

“It’s time for our leaders at every level of gov to act. We are calling Senator Schumer to fight for us to push to pass a relief bill and pass it now,” Stevie Vargas with Citizen Action of New York said.

“We need guaranteed heath care during the pandemic and beyond. All across the state the people are pushing to make our electives deliver a people’s bailout and to do it now. All of these issues impact us on a daily biases whether we see it or not.”

“The voiceless in America have been unheard for far too long. As an educator for the last five years in the City of Rochester I am too familiar with the disparities in education between what’s going on in the city and whats going on in the neighboring school districts,” Mike Johnson of SAVE Rochester said.

“It is clear that what were asking for here today, what were all protesting about every weekend is a more equitable society for everyone and it starts with systemic change.”

Johnson called on the governor to expand the rent relief moratorium. “I guarantee if you let this eviction moratorium expire right before school, its a recipe for disaster.”

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Mike Sportiello of Roc Mutual Aid was in attendance to share the story of Jessica Majors, who couldn’t be at the protest on Friday. Major’s statement explained that she suffers from cancer and on top of complicated health issues, ran into problems with transportation, childcare, bills and more.

Majors explained that because of the stimulus check that was issued early on in the pandemic, she was able to find some relief and get treatment during this time. She is calling on Schumer to fight for another round of checks for the public who are struggling at this time.

Currently, a second round of stimulus checks is being discussed at the federal level, but nothing has been confirmed.

On it’s website, the People’s Bailout asks for economic relief for all and making health a top priority. A statement reads:

A people’s bailout should be rooted in justice. We demand the bailout provide a just recovery by prioritizing and funding those who have been hit first and worst by COVID-19 and the current recession including, but not limited to, Black, Latinx and Indigenous communities. We will not permit Congress to leave anyone behind – not our working families, health workers, caregivers, farmworkers, other essential workers, Black and Latinx communities, undocumented immigrants, Indigenous peoples, or people who are homeless or housing insecure.