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Warm weather a blessing for some and a curse for others

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Warm weather impact on Gardens_89581207

A lot of places do very well with the warm temperatures. Some examples would be storefront properties, golf courses, and the zoo. Others may be concerned about their home gardens.

Walt Nelson is a horticulturist that wishes he had taken advantage of the early warmth. “It’s going to make me anxious,” said Nelson, “That I could have had some lettuce started inside that I could be putting outside.”

Nelson says there might be a tiny bit of green on some plants, but no need to be concerned even as temperatures stay mild. It would likely take an even longer stretch to cause damage.

Farmers are keeping a close eye on the temperatures, but are not doing any work on the fields. “It’s unlikely you’re going to see any farmers out in the field, because that equipment is just going to just destroy soil structure, and they know that,” said Nelson.

This type of warm stretch is becoming more common across the northeast, something farmers are now taking into account.

“We’re more frequently seeing those extreme, record breaking temperatures on a more frequent basis, higher temperatures than maybe we did 20, 30, 40 years ago,” said Nelson.

This could lead to long term stress on plants in the garden, and at the farm.

There was also a group of young entrepreneurs that were enjoying the warm weather by selling lemonade and cookies. The “Biz-Kids” normally sell hot chocolate during this time of year, but changed it up because of the warm weather.

Maple syrup farmers are also a bit concerned, as warm stretches can slow down the sap process and cause problems. An early start to the season this year has resulted in an ongoing harvest of sap. Once temperatures rise above freezing for both overnight low and afternoon highs, the maple tree will bud and stop producing sap.

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