Virginia shooting prompts local concealed carry questions

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Representative Chris Collins called a shooting in Alexandria, Virginia Wednesday a wakeup call.

“I’ve got a carry permit. I can tell you I’m going to be carrying at home from now on,” Collins told News 8.

But where you can carry a legal firearm and where you can’t can get tricky. Just ask Dave Jenkins, the owner of Rochester Personal Defense.

“The prohibitions against carrying a legal firearm in certain areas are buried in state law. There are some in parks law, vehicle and traffic law,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said are there obvious restrictions, though.

“Schools. State law prohibits you from having a gun on school property. Government offices and buildings; City Hall,” Jenkins said.

But what about businesses?

We gave him a for instance: a movie theater. Can you take a legal firearm inside?

“The property owners will probably have a prohibition against firearms in the theater on corporate policy,” Jenkins said.

Meaning you shouldn’t bring them in, but Jenkins said it doesn’t typically become an issue until it’s an issue.

“The whole idea of carrying concealed is nobody can readily see it. It’s supposed to be concealed; the holster, the firearm,” Jenkins said.

But we asked Jenkins, what happens if you see a gun in a public place that should be concealed? Is it cause for alarm?

“I get questions like that all the time. It’s just that they’re not sure. I tell people to look at the bigger picture. Are they just standing there or does your gut tell you they’re going to do something wrong?” Jenkins said.

For more information on concealed carry in New York, click here.

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