In celebration of Father’s Day, Rochester’s Jewish Senior Life (JSL) invited families and dads for its second annual car show Sunday.

The event began at 11 a.m. with a sea of vintage cars that quickly filled the roads surrounding the Summit at Brighton, and ended with a parade around the community’s cottage gardens. This summer’s show attracted twice as many attendants compared to last year.

From early 1930s Ford Model Ts, which grabbed the attention of many classic car fans, to homologation-specials like the 1967 Shelby Cobra — car-lovers of all ages were treated to unique machines.

“It was such a success last year we said why don’t we do it again beyond COVID,” JSL Executive Director of Dining Gene Trotta said. “It’s just something great to do on Father’s Day and I think it’s worked out very well on this campus.”

The cars on display which nearly were all owned by seniors, were not the only forms of entertainment. Visitors also enjoyed music provided by a DJ along with finger foods and beverages.