On Friday, Judge Randall decided that the media’s request for video access to the Johnny Blackshell Jr. murder trial will be allowed. 

Cameras will be allowed inside the courtroom for opening and closing statements, as well as the verdict. 

Blackshell is facing a handful of charges, including first degree murder, for his role in last August’s shooting on Genesee Street outside the Boys and Girls Club. Blackshell is the alleged triggerman in the drive-by shooting that left three dead and four others wounded.

His trial is expected to last four weeks. The first week will most likely be dedicated to jury selection, which begins Monday. The judge says he plans on bringing potential jurors in a hundred at a time.

Opening statements will most likely be late next week, or the following Monday. The prosecution says they plan on calling anywhere from 75 to 85 witnesses.

On Thursday, it was determined that Blackshell would stand trial by himself, and not with the other two were allegedly in the car during the shooting. Those men, Jalen Everett and Michal Matthis, will be tried when the Blackshell case is over.

Blackshell is also facing charges for other crimes that happened before the Boys and Girls Club shooting. He may face an additional trial for those crimes.