ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) The Veterans Outreach Center on South Avenue in the city will soon be reopening to serve those who served. About half the VOC staff will be back to work on June 1st, and veterans will be allowed to come in, by appointment, on June 3rd.

“During Covid, we’ve noticed a dramatic increase for access to food, for paper products, toilet paper, paper towels,” says Brandon Casperkowski with the VOC.

Caperkowski says the age of Covid-19 has impacted all of us, but this is a time that continues to hit hard a number of those in our community who’ve honored the nation. 

“The VOC team takes a lot of pride in being a natural next step for service members,” he says.

And this pathway is due to serve again on Wednesday. And they’re ready. With plastic partitions, extra hand sanitizer, hands-free sinks, face masks and more. “We’ve spared no expense as far as the safety of our clients and staff,” he adds.

Casperkowski says 2,000-plus veterans rely on the camaraderie, job training, legal counseling, food, and recreational outlets they provide post-military. “We’re able to really kind of navigate an individual through the entire spectrum of what a person will need,” he says.

Casperkowski says no veteran will be turned away. Call 585-546-1081 to set up an appointment, or click here. “We proudly support any member of the military that’s ever worn the uniform…even for a day,” he says.