ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — In yet another effort to address crime in Rochester, students at Vertus High School welcomed multiple law enforcement agencies Thursday for a day of connection.

It’s called the Vertus Warrior Challenge, giving students a chance to play alongside police officers and sheriff’s deputies in a variety of competitions to gain trust and understand how to connect with authorities.

“Gun violence is a big problem in Rochester,” said sophomore Brian Holloway. “Keep gun violence out with positive vibes like how they come against us and how we come against them to build up that relationship.”

Participating agencies included Rochester, Irondequoit, Gates, and State Police.

“If we can regain trust if we’ve lost it from somebody or create new trust with somebody we didn’t have before that’s what we’re here for,” said MCSO Deputy Amanda Starr. “So, if we can regain that trust then when they’re in need they can call us and that’s the biggest part.”