BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — URMC’s Kessler Trauma Center is unveiling state-of-the-art technology. With its new mobile simulation ambulance, the first of its kind in New York State, it’s helping medical staff to become better educated in a variety of settings.

“We’re giving them a really positive opportunity to learn. It’s much more dynamic than just slideshow presentations, for instance. We have real scenarios and the scenarios evolve,” said Dr. Mark Gestring, division chief of acute care surgery at URMC’s Kessler Trauma Center.

The trauma center is bringing simulator education on the go. Over the last several months, the program has acquired three simulators, both adult and pediatric, as part of the extensive training.

“Simulation in the world of medical training is very important of allowing people to get hands-on experience with a very realistic training scenario without it being a live person on the other end,” said Adam Oplinger, injury prevention and outreach coordinator at Kessler Trauma.

Leaders say the equipment is used to treat a variety of more critical cases, including severe accidents, gunshot wounds and stabbings.

Through grant funding and other resources, URMC has been able to purchase and utilize the simulators amounting to roughly $100,000.

“It’s very important for a trauma center to be out there teaching these skills. We teach them at multiple levels. The way it benefits us is because we can keep patients alive a little longer at outside hospitals to stabilize them as they come to us,” said Dr. Gestring.

Training classes started about a month ago. Leaders say they are in high demand, and will be offered as the months progress.

The Kessler Trauma Center treats over 2,500 patients each year and extends care from the Rochester area to the Pennsylvania state border.