Vaping flavors may be appealing for the eye and may taste better than smoking cigarettes. But a new study out of the University of Rochester found that vaping is starting to grow in popularity among teenagers.

According to Dr. Rahman, the study also shows an alarming uptake of vaping among youth which could lead to serious health problems later in life. 

The study showed just last year vaping among 6th to 8th graders increased 48 percent and 9th to 12th graders in increased to 78 percent. Doctors said the lungs are still developing during those school years 

“Be defective development, and after the development is complete, then it could lead to complications,” said Dr. Rahman. 

Nowadays e-cigarettes are shaped like a USB flash drive and are easy to conceal. Dr. Rahman says the liquids come in flavors that appeal to youth and can be easily bought online.

“Have to be alerted that these are toxic chemicals in here,” said Rahman. “Smoking or vaping should completely be abolished.” 
There is currently a “flavor ban” legislation that could eliminate vaping flavors. For those who support flavors say thousands will return to combustible cigarettes, people would lose jobs and its mainly for adults. 

“I switched from combustible cigarettes to flavors. they tasted better more appetizing to use and more enjoyable.  Ultimately the studies are showing that no more than 5 percent of long term health effects that’s what got me to switch from combustible cigarettes personally,” said Ken Gregory, owner of Bad Drip Labs. 

According to Gregory, his business isn’t about getting teens to use their products.  He added the industry is made for adults and teens shouldn’t be vaping.