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ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) One local Fairport woman changed her college studies after she received a life-saving liver transplant and hopes to share her experience with others who may be going through a similar process as she did. 

Laura Nashburn, 24, said if she hadn’t received a liver transplant she would only have two more weeks to live. That entire process changed her outlook in life.”

“I was like, oh my god like i’m going to live. This is the happiest day of my life,” said Nashburn the moment she found out an organ donor had been found. 

Nashburn had been diagnosed with liver disease as a young child and it took a turn for the worst right after she graduated high school. Pausing her college studies at that time. 

“ Her kidney function have definitely suffered,” said Dr. Randeep Kashyup, UR Medicine. “She was all skin and bones. She had lost all muscle mass.”

 At the time, Nashburn felt like losing hope, waiting for an organ donor. 

“To me, I really didn’t care if i lived or if I die,” said Nashburn. “I  just wanted to be put out of my misery.”

 After fully recovering from her transplant, she continued her college studies and switched majors from criminal justice to a surgical technologist. One of her clinical classes was in the same exact room where she received her liver transplant and the moment was surreal.

 “Who knew I’d be back in the or not only like with different doctors but the same doctors who did my transplant. that was a great feeling,” said Nashburn. 

 “It’s an honor that one of our patients today has reached a level where she can function as good as us, and she can be part of the team,” said Dr. Kashyup. 

Nashburn recently graduated from Monroe Community College and accepted a job at URMC. She’s expected to start in July. She’s willing to share her experience with others who are awaiting an organ transplant.

 “To give back to the community. there’s so many people that need help,”said Nashburn. 

To learn more about UR Medicine’s transplant program: http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/transplant.aspx

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