There is discord on the University of Rochester campus over sexual harassment allegations against a professor. 

Many students and professors are outraged over the university’s decision not to punish linguistics professor Dr. T. Florian Jaeger after an investigation into accusations of harassment of students. 

Some are asking for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC to step in.

Lindsay Wrobel, a senior at U of R, was shocked by an article in the magazine, Mother Jones. It told the story of 1 of 11 women accusing Jaeger of sexual harassment.

“I think when a 11 separate people come forward and have said this has impacted me in such a profound and egregious way we have to do something,” Wrobel said. 

Wrobel continues to tell News 8, “It’s been occurring over the course of 10 years. When you look at assault and harassment the longstanding effect of those are so intense.”

Intense enough for a group of faculty to file an EEOC complaint against Jaeger and the university, claiming it failed to act appropriately against Jaeger.

Inside the complaint , witnesses said Jaeger pressured them to sleep with him and made sexual passes.

Another of U of R Professor, Dr. Richard Aslin, who had been there for thirty years, resigned after the university dismissed all allegations against Jaeger. 

“I felt it was a fundamental failure to protect the students at the University, and I felt that I had the a personal obligation to follow my own sense of justice,” Aslin said.

The university sent out a statement saying in part:

“We believe that the 100-plus page complaint document represents a narrative that is largely based on hearsay that was not substantiated in our investigations or in the subsequent appeals, and ignores factual evidence.”

“Our complaint speaks for itself based on witness statements from a large number of students. Who have directly observed inappropriate Professor Jaeger,” Aslin said. “Professor Jaeger teaches a lab inside this building, these students say come Wednesday they are going to make their voices heard.”

Wrobel is planning a protest for Wednesday,

“Our primary goal at this point is to make sure the University fires Florian Yaeger and commits itself to reviewing the policies it had regarding sexual harassment,” Wrobel said. 

The students are also writing a letter to the university asking for Jaeger’s removal.