Ahoy, matey! ‘Tis International Talk Like A Pirate Day.
The parody holiday began more than two decades ago by gents called “Ol’ Chumbucket” and “Cap’n Slappy.” Facebook and Google arrr even gettin’ in on th’ action…in pirate mode, Facebook users have a captain’s log instead of a wall …and they don’t “search,” they “scour fer scallywags, ports ‘n’ various sundries.”
Former Florida Gator and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow had his first practice with the New York Mets’ instructional team down in Port Saint Lucie. Kind of familiar seeing Tebow in the blue and orange, his college colors. He’ll spend the next few weeks there. They expect big crowds to watch the spectacle.
Today’s photo album picture comes from Donna Argetsinger.  She captioned this, “First week of September, Lake Champlain, New York. Thanks Donna, for sending us this photo!
Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel lost to John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ and Matt Damon let him have it! But there were some big winners. The People versus O.J. Simpson won nine Emmys, and Game of Thrones set a new record with 38 wins.