FCC required transmitter change causes antenna broadcast interruptions

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Some of our viewers have reported interruptions in their broadcast for people who watch our channel through an antenna.

That is happening because News 8 WROC’s engineering team has switched to an auxiliary backup transmitter and antenna as of Tuesday morning in advance of the scheduled re-scan for a broadcast frequency change.

This backup transmitter operates at a lower power than our main one and on a smaller transmitting antenna too.

This may cause a weaker signal to our viewing audience, but we must do this to change our main power antenna over to our new transmitter, as required by the FCC.

We apologize if this switch is causing you poor reception or loss of our signal.

NOTE: Do not rescan your TVs at this time, as it will not help now. We will be switching to our new transmitter and increasing back to full power Thursday at midnight.

Which means, at 12:05 a.m. Friday, or any time after, you should rescan your TV’s over-air channels. Your TV will then adjust to our new frequency. At that time, you will still turn your TV to channel 8.1 to view WROC.

Again, we are sorry for any inconveniences this process causes.

To reiterate, this only affects viewers who watch our channel via antenna.

What to do when it’s time to rescan (after 12:05 a.m. Friday)

What Should I Do?

A rescan will need to be done on or after August 2. If you are one of the 72 million Americans who rely on an antenna to watch free, over-the-air television, you’ll need to rescan your television set or converter box anytime after your local stations move frequencies. Rescanning is when your TV finds all of the available channels in your area. You do not need to purchase new equipment or services to rescan. If you are a cable or satellite subscriber you do not need to take action. Your service provider will do it for you.

Because stations are required to move at different times, you may need to rescan more than once. If you haven’t rescanned your TV recently, you may discover TV channels that you didn’t know you were missing.

How to Rescan Your Antenna TV

  1. Select Scan or Autotune from your TV or converter box control menu to start the scanning process. 
  2. Your TV will do the rest. This process usually takes a few minutes to complete.

Once your rescan is complete you will still find your favorite stations on the same channel number as before. If you have rescanning difficulties, you can usually find instructions by selecting the Set-Up or Menu button on your television or converter box remote control. 

Still having issues? Consult the TV or converter box owner’s manual for detailed instructions on how to run a channel scan, or contact customer service for your TV or converter box manufacturer. For additional assistance, contact the FCC’s consumer hotline at 1-888-225-5322 and press prompt number 6. This is a government call center not affiliated with WROC-TV/RochesterFirst.com

Television and Antenna Manufacturer Resources

Because specific rescan procedures may vary by manufacturer, we’ve provided links below to the online support pages of many popular brands. 

Information provided by TVAnswers.org

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