Towns prepping for windstorm

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Who can forget the damage from last year’s wind storm.

Houses were destroyed. Utility poles and trees were knocked down and hundreds of thousands of people lost power.

Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle is one of many local officials using that experience to prepare for this incoming threat.    

“Well I think you learn from every event and actually, frankly the forecast for that were not all that different in terms of wind speed and the storm was much worse than they expected so you have to plan for the worst” said Moehle.

We found J.M. Tree Service out doing routine work on Tuesday. Owner Joshua Miesch expects it to be a busy few days.

“If we get slammed with major, major emergency work, we’ll split up into two or three crews as we need be and we’ll divide and conquer” said Miesch.

Gates and Greece have been working on contingency plans preparing for all scenarios.

“Gates is not taking for granted the wind storm that’s coming. We have all of our first responders. Our police, our ambulance and our fire are out there. They have all the forces they need” said Gates Town Supervisor Mark Assini.

“We are kind of flexible and we respond to the needs to make those decisions, ultimately what needs to be done depending on what’s before us” said Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich.

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