The Town of Irondequoit Supervisor Dave Seeley announced that he has recommended funding eight projects that were submitted under the Town of Irondequoit’s 2016 Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP).

Seeley has also directed Town staff to take steps towards moving forward on others projects deemed worthy, but not eligible for NEP funds.

The NEP program is funded through the proceeds of a fine levied on the former owner of Medley Center in 2014, and aims to enrich neighborhoods and enhance quality of life. During the summer months, through an effort spearheaded by Town Hall, nearly a dozen neighborhood associations formed or reconvened in Irondequoit.

The Town received a dozen NEP applications this year, a 200% increase from last year.

Every neighborhood association that has worked with the Town over the summer sponsored at least one application, with some projects having multiple sponsors. The Town Board met with a representative from each project at an October 13 town workshop.

Supervisor Seeley’s recommendations for funding are as follows:

Laurelton Neighborhood

  • The Town will approve the purchase and installation of the proposed neighborhood banners, which will be placed along Shelford Ave and highlight the old trolley that used to run from the City of Rochester to Irondequoit Bay.
  • Estimated NEP funding necessary: $2,600.00

Oakgrove Neighborhood

  • The Town will purchase flowers to be planted at the base of local street signs by the neighborhood members. 
  • Estimated NEP funding necessary: $750.00

Pardee Hill Neighborhood

  • Students from Eastridge High School will use NEP funds to construct two “Little Libraries” to be placed near the Laurelton Pardee School and Pardee Park. These libraries have grown in popularity in recent years in Town. A community bulletin board will also be constructed wit NEP funds.
  • Estimated NEP funding:: $1,700.00

Listwood Neighborhood

  • Students from West Irondequoit High School will use NEP funds to construct a “Little library” and park bench near Listwood Elementary School.
  • Estimated NEP funding: $300.00

Maywood Neighborhood

  • The Town will plant up to 25 trees in the neighborhood, with locations to be provided by the neighborhood association, which will also be charged with engaging potential property owners.
  • Estimated NEP funding: $2,500.00

Nowadoga Neighborhood

  • New “Nowadoga” street signs will be purchased and installed pending design approval from the Town and County. The design of the sign will be done in concert with the neighborhood association.
  • Estimated NEP funding necessary: $3,900.00

St. Paul Blvd Neighborhood Gateway

  • The Town will fund a joint proposal endorsed by several different neighborhood associations. Each light post on the road will have an “Irondequoit Banner” that also indentifies the particular neighborhood.
  • Estimated NEP funding: $7,800.00

Culver Road/Titus Avenue

  • The Town will fund a proposed beautification project for a traffic signal box at the intersection of Culver Rd and Titus Ave. This project will be completed during the 2017 Invigorate Irondequoit Day next spring.
  • Estimated NEP funding necessary: $50.00

Projects that will be acted on, but not funded through the NEP:

Titus Avenue/Hudson Avenue

  • The Town received an application from Helping Irondequoit Plan for Progress (HIPP), requesting an initial study for planted medians on Hudson Ave, near the intersection of Titus. Staff from the Town of Irondequoit will complete the preliminary design work, with no firm commitment to proceed until further review is complete.

Union Races

  • The Town will work with the neighborhood association to select appropriate upgrades to the playground at Joshua Park. Funds will be used from the Town’s Capital Plan.


  • This neighborhood association recommended a crosswalk at Lakeshore Blvd. Recently, the County approached the Town with regard to the feasibility of a new sidewalk to allow neighborhood residents to safely connect to the Irondequoit Lakeside Trail and Durand Beach. The Town will continue working with the County on this front, and consult with the neighborhood prior to any decision being made.

Wyndale Road

  • A proposal by a group of residents on Wyndale Rd to enhance funding to the Irondequoit Community Cupboard was well received and will be further assessed. It has been recommended that the applicants work with the Cupboard during next year’s community development block grant application process.

Supervisor Seeley has proposed $25,000 for the NEP program in his 2017 tentative budget. Any money not used for the aforementioned projects will be allocated for other neighborhood beautification efforts, such as “Welcome to Irondequoit” signs. The Town expects to have this grant program again in 2017.