Town of Brighton accused of ignoring tax reassessments; town calls allegations false

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The man behind many of the attacks against the Whole Foods project in Brighton is going after the town in a new way. He’s now accusing it of getting certain big tax assessments wrong. The towns calls the allegation part of Howie Jacobson’s anti-whole foods agenda.

First seen in a Brighton Town Board Meeing, Howie Jacobson claimes based on his research, $7 million dollars of tax reassesments have been ignored. These, according to Jacobson, date back to 2014, regarding Clover Lanes and Mamason’s. According to Tax Documents, in 2019, Clover Lanes was assesed over 1.6 million dollars and Mamason’s around $800,000. 
Jacobson says Brighton is giving away money and the residents are paying too much.

“The $800,000 property assesment that was purchased for 200 milllion, went up by 100 dolllars. Which makes it more intersting to me…what was the calculation on the 100 dollars? If we are all paying 30,50,60 dollars a year more. Why?” said Jacobson.

Brighton Town Supervisor, Bill Moehle who says that’s just not true.

“Well he’s wrong,” said Mohele. “Developers sometimes buy properties based on what they think they can do with it as they develop it. The price they may pay doesn’t relect its value as an accessor would look at it.”

Moehle adds the project, which has been approved by the Brighton Town Board, will generate $400,000 in taxes. Moehle says Jacobson’s actions is preventing economic development in Brighton.
Jacboson, on the other hand, says this all stems from a “special deal” with the Daniele’s: the developer of the Whole Foods Project and the Town of Brighton. 

“There is no special deal. There never has been a special deal,” stated Moehle. 

News 8 spoke with the developers of the Whole Foods project along with Clover Lanes and Mamasons: the Danieles.
Danny Daniele echoed the town , that there is not a “special deal.” 

The Brighton Tax Assessor could not comment due to pending litigation with Jacobson. 

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