Toothpick sculptures bring cheer, global awareness, to Eastview Mall shoppers

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — 15-years-ago, Stan Munro found himself spending a lot of time at home when his wife started dialysis treatment. Instead of sitting around watching the clock tick, Munro decided to make toothpick sculptures. Many, many, many toothpick sculptures.

“They take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months,” Munro said, “My favorite project is the next one. It’s always the next one. Whatever it is.”

Munro’s sculptures are made up of hundreds of thousands of toothpicks. They can be so small it will fit in your hand or so large it will require a lift truck to maneuver it.

Dozens of sculptures of Munro’s are on display at a storefront at Eastview Mall in Victor, NY.

Munro said it takes hours upon days, sometimes even months to finish the elaborate sculptures. Something that takes a lot of dedication and passion. Munro said he hopes to bring some cheer to the shoppers at Eastview Mall while they’re finishing up last-minute holiday shopping.

“I hope they like it. I know that they’re so busy when they come shopping here and I can see the kids pulling at their parents but you know what? Next week, it’ll be nice and quiet. Maybe take a little extra time if you can and enjoy the windows,” Munro said.

Munro has been featured in museums around the Northeast and he also does commission work. However, one might wonder why does he spend hundreds of hours building these elaborate sculptures?

“There are thousands of great world iconic landmarks all over the world, and just to recreate them out of toothpicks at the same one to 164 scale, I love it. I’m drawn to every new piece of architecture, every new building, and I want to show people what’s out there,” Munro said, “I’m trying to bring more global awareness to anywhere in the country that will have it. A lot of museums are very good at promoting local things, but the United States is pretty much cut off from the rest of the world. So, when you try to talk about other buildings and history and ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, it’s one thing to read about it online or talk about it in class. But to see a three-dimensional creation where you can actually feel what the workers went through when they built it. It’s just an incredible responsibility to get these buildings right.”

While Munro specializes in building massive sculptures of global architecture, he recently took the time to create a Star Wars exhibit dedicated to his brother.

“This wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my brother because he passed away last year,” Stan said, “He loved Christmas. He loved Star Wars. We used to hang out at Eastview Mall, so I hope he would like it. I think he would.”

Munro was hesitant to share his next project but just know, he promises it will be BIG.

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