“To be Frank” long-lost brothers finally meet face-to-face after 40 years

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We brought you this story back in August:
A simple web search that changed the life of one Greece man, Frank Puglissi forever. He wanted answers about who his father was but instead found something better: a brother.
On Friday, the brothers got to meet face-to-face for the first time; right here in Rochester.
And “to be Frank” … it’s an incredible story. 

“I feel like I’ve known him forever,” said Frank Puglissi, of Rochester. 

A reunion unlike any other. Finally, after 42 years, Frank Puglissi AND Frank Restagno got to meet in person. 

“Just so happy to finally meet a brother that I never knew I had,” said Frank Restagno, Puglissi’s long-lost brother, who lives in Ottawa, Canada. 

Brothers: separated at birth. Puglissi didn’t know he was adopted until he was 14. When he would ask his mother about who his real dad was, he didn’t get many answers.  Years later, his cousin did some searching. And then – a simple Facebook Message to a Frank Restagno in Ottawa.

“The normal person would just have looked at the message and say what is it… but I had a feeling something was there,” said Restagno.

Restagno explained his  mom had mentioned it in passing when he was younger, but he didn’t think anything of it. The message from Puglissi, his brother, jogged his memory.

“We basically didn’t need the DNA test. After the pics and conversation.. we knew,but we wanted to do it anyway to make it official,” he said.  

They had been FaceTiming once a week. But today starts getting to know each other even better.

“You’re a vegan right? Yea. I like meat,” joked Puglissi.

… Including differences. 

“I’m not really into hockey,but now  that I know I have a brother who is a die hard hockey fan….. its getting into that stuff as well,” laughed the brothers. 

Restagno says he spent 42 years thinking he was an only child. Now, they both have the rest of their lives to be not only brothers, but very good friends. 

“It was definitely special, for sure,” said Restagno, teary-eyed.

The brothers also have a bucket list. They both have never been to a Bills game; which they plan to do in the very near future. 

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