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A Halloween season favorite, “The Rocky Horror Show” is back at Blackfriars Theatre in Rochester from October 26 through November 11.

Danielle Raymo and Edward Rubenacker, two of the show’s stars, discussed the excitement around the production and what audiences can expect Tuesday during News 8 at Noon.

“I’ve personally loved ‘Rocky Horror’ for a really, really long time,” said Raymo. “I’ve been watching it for years and it’s so exciting to actually get to take part in something that I loved so much for so long.”

She’ll play wide-eyed Janet. “Janet is kind of discovering herself throughout the show and being introduced to some new things that she’s never experienced before, and it’s an interesting journey throughout the show. She definitely grows a lot and learns a lot about herself.”

Rubenacker will play her equally innocent fiance Brad. “He’s a lot of fun. He’s pretty tightly wound at times. It’s a slow burn for him but by the end he opens up a little bit and it’s a lot of fun to find that arc through the show.”

For fans of ‘Rocky Horror’ there will be lots of things they’ll recognize, and maybe some things they don’t recognize. “We’re trying to stick as true to the text as possible, while also at times reliving moments of the film,” said Rubenacker. “But then our wonderful director Danny Hoskins has added some really cool elements that I’ve never seen in a ‘Rocky Horror,’ but it only adds to it. It’s wonderful!”

Raymo added, “I think for anyone who loves the show, you can definitely come and participate the way you would in the movie. You’ll see things that – like Ed said – that you’ve seen in the movie, some from other stage performances, things like that, and lots of new stuff that Blackfriars is bringing the Blackfriars touch to ‘Rocky Horror.'”

There’s lots of anticipation for this Blackfriars production. Three shows have been added since the run was announced. “It’s always exciting to do a show, and then to do a show that everyone loves around a time where people will flock to it, it’s like, there’s a little bit of giddiness to know that it’s going to be packed every night with people who are just excited to see it,” Rubenacker said.

Raymo noted, “You can come and you can dress up, you know? We have a performance right on Halloween, so you can join us that night or any other night. You can come and dress up and have a lot of fun. Join us! Dress up like a character or, you know, anything.”

For tickets and more information, call Blackfriars Theatre at (585) 454-1260 or visit Blackfriars.org.

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