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Woodworking is not something Scott Smith picked up all by himself.

“I used to work with my father a lot,” Scott said.

So when Scott got a place of his own in a suburb outside of Rochester, it came as no surprise that he filled it with his own creations such as tables and chairs.

But then he got an idea.

“(The smaller projects) were getting a little stale and then I got into this and it was like, Poof! This is what I was meant to do,” Scott said.

It was an idea he picked up all by himself, with a little help from the Internet.

You could call it the ultimate Do-It-Yourself project.

Scott started building a boat.

But not just any boat.

A 41-foot “Diesel Duck” – a bus-sized boat that is mainly made out of wood.

It took Scott nearly 2 months just to build the shed in which he’s now building the boat.

Asked if he’s worried it won’t float, Scott said, “Well considering I’ve had no nautical experience and I’ve never owned a boat, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going to be concerned.”

But he’s buoyed by his wife.

“She’s very supportive of this venture, but she’s like we’ve got to learn how to sail, or actually I’ve got to learn how to do this,” Scott said.

His teenage kids are a different story.

“They’re fairly indifferent, fairly indifferent, something that dad is out doing,” Scott said.

This despite the fact he’s taken the endeavor into their world: social media.

He’s documenting everything on Facebook, his own website and YouTube.

A popular entry came recently when he cut through a piece of wood and found an old copper bullet inside.

He knew what it was immediately.

Scott is Sgt. Smith in the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s a stressful job that makes the boat work therapeutic.

“It’s quiet and soothing, it helps you decompress,” he said.

As long as he doesn’t think about the fact this could take up to 7 years and $80,000 to finish.

“Somewhere along the line we stop dreaming like it’s childish or frivolous and life’s no fun when you don’t have any dreams anymore and I think it’s alright to try,” Scott said.

He might have picked up this dream all by himself, but he’s not hammering away at it that way.

“I put the old man to work. 73 years old out lugging around pieces of work, he loves it,” Scott said.

Because sometimes even better than following your dream is sharing it.

To learn more about Scott’s project, click here

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