Editor’s note: This story was published in 2016, but it’s the spooky season so we brought it back.

IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester is not without its fair share of local ghost stories, and on Halloween weekend local historians and self-proclaimed experts in the paranormal helped News 8 get to the bottom of a popular Halloween mystery.  

“The story goes back to the 1800’s,” says Irondequoit town historian, Patricia Wayne. “She lived near Durand Eastman and she had a teenage daughter and the daughter asked if she could walk down to the lake. As the story goes, she never came home. The mother went out to search and she couldn’t find her. The mother spent the rest of her life looking for her. It’s said on misty nights, she’d glide over the lake, all in white, glided over the waves.” 

As the Irondequoit town historian, Wayne says she’s been asked about the White Lady more times than she can recall.  

The nameless woman has become a favorite on candlelight ghost tours each Halloween.  

It’s rumored that she lived in the so-called castle by the lake, but Wayne tells a slightly different tale.  

“She’s the most well known and there are different versions, and there’s no historic evidence that she ever existed either,” Wayne said.

As for the famous “White Lady’s Castle,” Wayne says it was actually a refectory.

The picnic area was torn down after the Great Depression. It was not really a castle at all.  

While she says there is no historical proof that the White Lady did exist, she won’t go so far as to say that she didn’t.  

“I always say she did exist at one time or another because I don’t want to be haunted either,” she said.