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It a city parking dispute that went south behind the Peppa Pot restaurant. One gentleman pulled his car up, allegedly blocking the lot, the owner/operator of the lot then voiced his concern. 

Herb Smith of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra says, “I pulled into a parking lot. I did not know it was his lot. He starts to yell at me,” in reference to Chris Kawolsky of the Downstairs Cabaret Theatere also the parking lot owner.  

Kawolsky says, “And he didn’t seem to hear me, so I yelled louder ‘hey buddy, you can’t park there!'”

Smith recognized Kawolsky as the man who has allegedly been calling out others in the community for parking violations, some of which he feels are not fair. Smith walked over to him. 

Kawalsky says, “Then he started chest bumping me and getting right in my face.”

Smith says, “Then he bumps into me. I never pushed him.”

According to Kawlosky, Smith then told him “I’m going to give you the beatdown you deserve.”

Smith states, “I never said I’m going to give him the beat down he deserves. That is a fabricated lie.”

But, Kawolsky says because physical contact was made via the aggressive chest bumps, the police, not he, decided to file harassment charges. A warrant was put out for Smith’s arrest, stipulating he be held overnight without bail, and was arraigned the next morning. The case was later dismissed by the DA’s office for lack of evidence. 

Smith says, “I wish he can just find it in his heart to let it go. Because I’ve let it go.”

And Kawolsky says he largely has, but there is one thing lingering issue. People on social media thinking this was racially motivated. Something he says is just not true. The parking issue has been a constant problem through the years from people of all walks of life.

Kowolsky says in a nutshell, just be mindful of where you park in the city, and incidents like this can hopefully be avoided. In the end he says, “It’s nothing but a parking dispute.”

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