FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC-TV) — Jessica and Nathan Parrino arrived at the photo studio in Fairport as prepared as possible“You just show up and have the baby just fed and happy,” Jessica remembered being told.

They entered with their daughter Lena for a newborn photo shoot.

“This huge, this helps out a lot, this is nice,” Nathan said.

It’s an experience they never had the chance to have after their first pregnancy.

“You never think it’s going to be part of your story,” Jessica said.

Jessica talks openly about her miscarriage finding comfort in community.

It’s that openness that allowed photographer Teale Brown to find her and ask her to visit.

“There’s not a moment of it that I don’t like,” Teale said of these shoots.

Teale herself was a rainbow baby, which is a child born after a miscarriage or death of another child.

She had known that, but didn’t know the pain until one day when she was pregnant and she and her mother were looking through a baby book.

“They have all the fruits and stuff and they’ll tell you all about what the baby is like that week, so she asked if she could look up the week she lost her baby, she was just very quiet, that’s how she gets,” Teale said.

And quietly Teale now reaches out offering a free rainbow baby session every year.

“It feels nice to do something as little as it is,” she said.

Not unlike when the sky offers us a rainbow – a small gesture that reflects the light of life and the tears that don’t pass with the storm.

“You never forget and you still wonder, what if, but if we hadn’t had our loss, we wouldn’t have our baby now,” Jessica said.

A baby fed and happy and ready to become part of the world’s story.

If you’d like to learn more about Teale’s efforts, you can click here.