FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — The playoffs have arrived, and what better way to start it than taking on division rival New England Patriots to get through Wild Card Weekend.  

Things are hopping at the Iron Smoke Distillery in Fairport. They’ve been holding a special pre-game party, welcoming fans who are more pumped for this year’s playoffs run and that’s carried over into their confidence for a win.  

Compared to last year’s post-season, more places are open with more traditional game-day gatherings to do. The Bills fan base of Monroe County is taking advantage of it all.  

“There’s so much more energy involved when you have fans,” Matt Petz said. “In relation to not having fans at all. It’s been so much more fun.”  

“The energy is here,” Jamie Uetz added. “The energy for the NFL games and the bills, the energy is here for excitement and the bills are going to win.”  

Foot traffic in downtown Fairport is low in January, but Iron Smoke Distillery Co-Owner Tommy Brunett got the idea to pick up extra business by setting up a pre-game party. Then broadcasting the game on a projection screen.  

“We got a bills mafia bourbon bloody,” Iron Smoke Co-Owner Tommy Brunett explained. “And were taken the bills mafia sauce that had Josh Allen’s face on them and we’re adding that to a Bloody Mary for some good luck maybe.” 

These fans may be taking comfort inside but know the freezing weather conditions will be impacting the players, which could play into the Bills advantage to use their run-game to win.  

“I think Bill Belichick has his guys prepared but I believe in Josh Allen,” Mary Petz told us. “And he’ll step up in the freezing weather.”  

“I think it’s going to be a little more defense type of thing and running game,” Matt added. “It’s going to be cold out and it’s not as much wind as it was the last time, they played. But the running game and defense are going to be a big part of the game.” 

Some barrels at Iron Smoke are famous because they’re filled with bourbon which was made back in 2016 when staff with the Bills visited here for drinks. The owner told us he’s been saving them for when the Bills win the Super Bowl and he plans to share them with the whole organization which hopefully might be this year.