A new exhibit has opened at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, aimed at addressing racism in our community. The exhibit includes a controversial panel from the Denzel Carousel.

It took the City of Rochester almost a year to have what some are calling the “pick-a-ninny” art panel removed from the carousel. The panel has been a staple at the Ontario Beach carousel in Charlotte for decades. 

The Central Church of Christ, along with the “Take it Down” planning committee, has partnered with the City of Rochester to have the art work displayed at the church. The art panel will travel to various different locations before it will be housed in the Rochester Museum and Science Center. 

Mayor Warren and members of the Central Church of Christ say the artwork is a form of history and should be displayed to educate people about the history of this county. 

“It is easy sometimes to forget about what has happened in our country’s past. It is easy to overlook it when don’t necessarily see it everyday or experience it everyday,” said Mayor Lovely Warren. “I am completely impressed with the display with the educational portion and the fact that it tells a unique and interesting story about this particular art and why it is so offensive to people of color.”

The official opening of the exhibit will be held Tuesday from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at the Central Church of Christ. The event is free and will be open to the public.