Taking care of plants as frost takes hold

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Frost has already happened for most across Rochester so now is the time to have finalized the garden for winter.

Leaf blowing to get ready for winter is happening at Jerry Kral’s place in Rochester. “Editing I call it,” said Kral. He has gardened for most of his life and is a part of many gardening organizations across Rochester He has been able to work with the late warmth.

“We have not had a touch of frost here. the roses are all budded out,” said Kral in late October. That has left him time for clean up around flower beds and to get the leaves out of the yard. “I was wishing they could come down, so that Broccolo could get rid of them for me.” 

Broccolo tree and lawn care is doing some serous trimming at the Kral’s.

“We’re getting the beds prepared for this winter,” said Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care sales manager Jessica Demasio. That could be mulch at the base, but if you are out: “The fallen leaf litter is perfectly fine if you want to build that up around some of your plants,” said Demasio.

Demasio also says you can feel free to leave up some of those perennials that could benefit. “Providing some habitat from the birds, and just having something interesting to look at.” This year, just like last year, had late warmth and a late frost has helped gardeners.

“The last two falls I don’t recall any from the last 25 years to match them,” said Kral. Normally the first frost happens October 18th.

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