Suspect said ‘ouch, that hurts’ after Rochester homeowner fired shots during break-in attempt

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A 21-year-old Rochester man is facing charges after he tried to break into a house on Marion Street in Rochester early Friday morning but was stopped when the homeowner opened fire.

Andrew Rensbury is charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

In court papers, the homeowner, a 61-year-old man, says he heard a loud banging noise coming from his front porch around 12:30 a.m. The homeowner says he saw a man banging on the interior door. He said he yelled at the man to stop but the man kept pounding and broke the glass.

At that point, the homeowner says he went to get his cell phone to call 911 but, he writes in a deposition, “I was scared and afraid that I could not get my cell phone to work. I continued to hear glass breaking from my front door. I grabbed my Winchester 730 rifles, and loaded my rifle.”

Once more, the homeowner told the man to leave. But, he says Rensbury kept going, so he fired one shot through the front door. He says Rensbury didn’t stop trying to get in his home, so he then fired a second shot. That’s when he heard a person say, “Ouch that hurts.”

The homeowner then went to his bedroom and called 911. Police said Friday the suspect wasn’t shot but got hit by debris caused by the bullet. Medical personnel said his injuries are minor and he’s expected to recover.

The homeowner was not injured, nor did officers charge him with any offenses.

Friends of Rensbury, who live nearby the Marion Street home, told police that Rensbury lives around the corner on Carling Road and used to live with them on Marion Street. 

Rensbury was arraigned in court on Friday.

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