Survivors of Pennsylvania Ave. mass shooting: ‘Heard gunshots and screaming’

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — People who were at the Pennsylvania Avenue party that ended in bloodshed this past weekend are trying to get past the trauma.

“We just pulled up to the party, it was crowded, heavily populated,” said Joshua Wood.  “I’m like wow, this is a good and this is a bad.”

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Good to see people happy, bad because Wood said, there was a “strange vibe.”

“I grew up in a lower income area, we were like OK hopefully if something were to break out it should just stay to an argument, a fist fight, nothing serious, but there were so many people it was like ‘ugh it could be worse’ and unfortunately it did lead to that,” Wood said.

That’s when they walked away, but moments later came a phone call to Wood’s cousin.

“I heard the gunshots and there was screaming, they were people screaming in the background,” said Justin Jackson.

With the news of 16 people shot, URMC’s emergency room sprung into action, preparing and making sure beds were available.

“We got nine patients from the shooting and one patient from another shooting at the same time, so within about a 60-minute time frame we had 10 patients that were shot and injured coming in to our department,” said Dr. Mike Kamali.

People in the community have said violence like this needs to stop.

“Our city can only do so much and our city is trying, I can respect that we are part of the city as much as the city is part of us, but we need to individually do better to start building the city as a better place,” Wood said.

URMC doctors say four people are still in the hospital being treated, in stable condition, and hopefully will make full recoveries.

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