Superintendent joins students on a cold walk to school

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The wind chill plays just as big a role in the decision to close a school district as snow. 

This morning, News 8’s Elijah Westbrook joined the East Rochester Superintendent on a walk to school.

“It’s really bad,” said Chyanne Bedard of walking in the cold temperatures. 

Bedard and Gabriella Parmeter walk to school every day because they say they’re left with no other choice. 

“Like when we’re on our way to school, our hands are frozen obviously by the time we get to school,” said Bedard.

“I have two or three coats on right now and I’m still freezing,” said Parmeter. 

Hearing that is more than enough for East Rochester School Superiendent, Mark Linton, to decide this morning to take the hike with them.

“I wanted to get a feel for it,” said Linton. “I wanted to make a decision for if we should have school and its easier for me to make that decision if I have some experience.”

We tagged along for the one mile journey.

Beginning at 7:05 a.m. from the parking lot at Leo’s Bakery. Trucking through unshoveled sidewalks and somehow trying to stay warm in the process. 

After about a quarter of a mile in, they began to feel the cold. 

“I’m really cold,” said Bedard. “My feet are frozen like I said they’d be.” 

Nearly 20 minutes later, they made it to school with less than five minutes for the students to get to their first class. 

While the students were thawing out, Linton had a different opinion on the experience. 

“Invigorating,” Linton said. “Great way to start the day!” 

When we asked the girls if school should be open tomorrow, they were pretty set in their opinion.

“No, that’s a bad idea.”

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