That hot dry summer may be causing some concern for those who love pumpkins and of course Christmas trees.

We talked to some local farmers about how the hot summer will affect this year’s crops.

For pumpkins, they say there will be less variation in size, and that they’re ripening sooner, so you may want to pick one up soon.

As for Christmas trees, it’s a good news bad news situation.

“It’s been a challenging year for anybody growing crops, but we do have pumpkins they are a little early this year and a little bit smaller with the lack of rain but we are going to have plenty of pumpkins,” said Suzanne Stokoe, owner of Stokoe Farms. “We saw a lot of stress in the mature trees they are usually heartier and don’t feel the affect of a drought. So much because they have a deeper root base. But this year we saw a pretty dramatic affect in the amount of growth that they had.”

Stokoe says pumpkin season will last until Thanksgiving.  

Black Friday will be the first day families can come out to pick their Christmas tree in time for the holidays.