SODUS POINT, N.Y. (WROC) — It’s been three years since record-level flooding devastated shorelines across New York State. To this day, communities are still looking to rebuild. 

Senator Chuck Schumer has announced a new round of lakeshore resiliency funds called the Storm Act. It comes with a $500 million price tag, and is designed to help shoreline communities combat flooding.
Once approved, funding from the Storm Act is only expected to help relieve that effort.

Mike Shults lives along the water in Sodus Point and remembers the floods of 2017 and 2019 well.

Last year, builders lifted his home two-and-a-half feet, a project Shults paid for completely out of pocket.

“While I didn’t actually have damage, it wasn’t any good for my beams being underwater like that. I had to lift it up because of the way this house is built, I was afraid the house would be totaled,” said Shults. 

With the potential for high water levels and more flooding in the future, Sen. Schumer announced funding through the Storm Act Tuesday, secured to help businesses and homeowners protect or rebuild.

“In Sodus Point alone, 60 percent of the houses are within the flood plane. These homeowners need to protect their homes,” said Schumer. 

Schumer says FEMA still needs to finalize its regulations, which will give the green light to release the money.  It will work as a revolving loan fund that homeowners or businesses can apply for.

They’re draining this lake fast right now, faster than I’m comfortable with. The 500 million will benefit businesses, property owners all along the shoreline, so anybody that has a project in mind whether it’s to lift a structure or make the shoreline more resilient, that’s a good place to go to get a low interest loan,” said Dave McDowell, mayor of Sodus Point.

Homeowners like Shults say the funds will be a relief for those in the same boat as he once was. 
“I think it would be very helpful to other people who were in my situation, to get this kind of funding so they don’t have to give up — make that big of an investment, and have to take that haircut just to protect their home from the flood waters,” said Shults. 

The mayor of Sodus Point says he’s hopeful by early next year, that funding will start to get dispersed across the state.

Earlier this month, Sodus Point Beach was recognized as one of four of the ‘best restored beaches’ in the country by the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association.